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WeedHero is free, but we have some add-on features to simplify the process. Choose a package that suits you.

WeedHero Free
That’s right! WeedHero Online Ordering is 100% free with no time limit.
$0/Free Forewer
  • Desktop Version of WeedHero Online ordering
  • Unlimited Categories, Menu, Items
  • Delivery & Pick Up Features
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Installation
  • Training
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WeedHero IOS & Android App
Personalized, custom branded IOS & Android App
$Call forPricing
  • IOS App
  • Android App
  • Beatiful Design
  • Push Notifications
  • Promotion & Deals
  • All in One Back end
  • Training
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Frequently Asked Questions

Download WeedHero Online Ordering software from GitHub. All the installation instructions are in the repository. Our team of experienced developers are always here to help you install the solution. The installation service is a one time fee of $150. The installation and set up usually is done in 24-48 hours. To speed up the process please have your hosting information ready.
The online ordering software is free, so there are no contracts. Free download, start offering online ordering within 5 minutes.
You can receive order notifications via email, fax or directly printed. If your printer supports Google Cloud Print and many new printers do than it means we can send your order directly to your printer, with no computer needed or software to install. The only thing you will need is to sign up for a google cloud print service
After the WeedHero is installed, configure the settings tab for the dispensary to start accepting online orders. Go to Online Ordering administrative panel and click ->Settings. In Pricing you can set up the tax rate for your state. Different states have different tax rates. Visit our tax rate table to find the correct rate for your state. To promote your products online, you may offer discounts with promo codes. The discount will apply to the total amount. It can be a percentage or a fixed amount.
To add delivery charge add the value in "delivery charge" filed in Settings tab. For online orders to have minimum amount, just place it in the “minimum order amount” field.
To make sure the customers order only during working hours, please set the correct hours for online ordering. You can set different availability hours for separate menus.
WeedHero gives you an ability to sort menu items and menu categories by the recently added, price or name. Shopping cart has responsive layout, and the shopping cart can be placed on the right and left side of the website, as well as outside of the main container. Choose the most suitable option for your design.
Please enter correct information of your dispensary location here. This will give you an ability to correctly choose radius of the delivery in zip code settings. You have two options for delivery verification: by self – which means that the delivery will be only for the addresses with the same zip code as dispensary zip; by list – the delivery radius will be based on the list of allowed zip codes provided on the right hand side. To add new delivery zip code Enter the zip code in “zip code:” field and click “Add” button. You can always choose the delivery verification “by both”, which will enable you to verify the address by the dispensary zip code and the list of zip codes provided in the the list of allowed zip codes.
The theme tab is responsible for the look and feel of the menu. You can choose from the three available theme options. The developers can also create their own themes and import it to our system. Please refer to the Theme creation post. Menu layout. Menu categories on the website can be viewed as tabs or as vertical. By the default the menu layout is set to tabs. Vertical layout enables to place all the categories and items on one page in list. Tabs transition effects. We have added transition effects to make the menu more interactive and user friendly. Slide effects are: slide, fade, scale.
The dispensary menu is easy to use and well organized. To add new menu, login to admin panel and click on Menus. Click on Create a menu button. In the General information enter the name of the menu, available hours (from and to) and the description of the menu. Each menu can have an image that will appear below the name. It is not required. If you added the image it will be resized to fit the menu layout and size. For proper resizing please add images that are at least 800px wide and 250 pixels height. Also every menu can be immediately published on the website, which means that it will be visible to your customers or saved to publish later. After you added all the information, save the menu. All created menus will appear in the list. You will see a related data button. When you hover over on the button you will be able to use which categories are applied to each menu. Our system allows easy sorting of menu. Just grab the menu and drop it anywhere. The idea is exactly the same as Menus sorting – drag and drop. Example of the menu: Menu Name: Strains Available from: 5p.m. Available to: 10p.m. Description text: Discover our wide variety of strains from local growers
After you created menus navigate to categories tab. To create new category click on “Create Category” button. In general information enter the name of the category, description text, add an image (it is not required). The image for the category will appear on the left hand side of the category name. The description will appear below the category name. In order for the category to appear it needs to be associated with the menu. In the associated menu check box the menu that category belongs to. Please note: one category can be associated with multiple menus. Each category can be immediately published or saved for a later use. To publish the category click on the radio button published “Yes “and save the category. If you making changes to already existing category you can simply click “Apply Changes” button. The categories cannot be sorted as drag and drop. To sort the categories go to Settings->General->Sort by. Example of the category: Name: Flavors Description text: Our strains come in variety of flavors , some of them are blueberry, berry, citrus and more
Webika online ordering allows you to accept orders via fax. We have integrated Faxage system. It is third party faxing software which allows to send and accept faxes. faxage-logoIn order to receive orders through fax please go to and sign up . You can start with their individual lite fax plan for as low as $3.49/month. Some of the features: Choose a local or toll-free number pay only for what you actually use at 5 cents a minute If you need receive faxes often , you can sign up for Faxage Business plans, that are designed for moderate to heavy fax use. Generally, if you fax 600-2000 minutes per month, a Business plan will be the best deal for you. To view all available plans please visit After you sign up with them you can use provided credential and insert it to online ordering back end fax tab. Login to your administrative back end and navigate to Menu Maker->Settings. Here you will need to insert your credentials to “Faxage faxing system” box. Save your changes and you are all done!