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No matter how much your business grows, you have unlimited orders with zero commissions. Start using a WeedHero Dispensary Software that's free.

Did you know? Nearly 55% of customers visit a dispensary’s website before ordering. Turn their visits into transactions with all in one marijuana dispensary software.

Multiple Locations

WH Marijuana dispensary software allows you to configure multiple dispensary locations for your brand. Assign individual menus for each location. Each dispensary's location can have separate email address, phone and fax numbers.

Cannabis Delivery & Pick Up

Offer marijuana pick up or delivery services on your dispensary website. To make it more suitable for your cannabis business you can setup hours of operations and areas of delivery within our marijuana dispensary software.

User Friendly

Your customers will enjoy a clean user interface with fast ordering options like Re-ordering. Customers have many options for marijuanna delivery/pickup, comments, hours for delivery and much more with dispensary software.

Receiving Orders

Our cannabis software and dispensary software is integrated with Google print service and will automatically print orders. Orders can also be emailed to you immediately after they are placed. We offer custom integration service with sms providers.

Design & User Experience

Display cannabis menu items and offer your customers a great shopping experience. Our marijuana dispensary software is developed with content flexibility in mind. Use there great core features to your advantage.

Mobile Friendly

WH cannabis software is mobile-friendly. On mobile devices, categories and menus are vertically aligned for easy navigation through the menu. 100% responsive on any modern phone or tablet.

Promotion Tools

Offer discounts to promote sales and create coupons with ease! The discount for cannabis products can be by percentage or a fixed amount.

Order Management

WH cannabis software and marijuana dispensary software provides a feature-rich order management system. Every online order placed through your dispensary site, the system will save the customer’s information. Edit, view, and/or print orders at any time.

DID YOU KNOW? Dispensaries that use our marijuana dispensary software have increased their delivery orders by an average of 30%.

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